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House Cleaning Services Seattle, Washington

House Cleaning in Seattle

Your home is not just a building with four walls and a door; it is a place where things happen. It protects your most treasured belongings and resounds with years of memories. And it is, in a sense, a defining statement of who you are. At Sparkling Homes of Seattle, we know how important this statement-maker and treasure-keeper is to you, and we are dedicated to cleaning your home to the highest possible standards.

Unlike many cleaning businesses which can only offer a limited list of services, our professionally trained maids can happily accomodate any cleaning needs that you may have. From ceiling to floors, if it can be cleaned, Sparkling Homes will clean it!

Some of the many services that we offer include:

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms – Two of the most lived-in rooms of any home, the kitchen and bathroom, are often two of the dirtiest as well. And nobody enjoys scraping splattered pasta sauce off the counters or scrubbing dirty toilets. We will gladly take care of those less-than-pleasant tasks for you, including cleaning bathtubs, toilets, countertops and counter faces, and making those faucets and stainless steel appliances shine. We even clean inside your refrigerator and stove, so you don’t have to be the one to smell those forgotten leftovers from last summer.
  • Living Areas – Who hasn’t had a precious knick-knack broken by a careless maid? We understand that your belongings are all precious to you, and our house cleaners treat your things with the utmost care when they have to be moved for cleaning or dusting. We are also experts at taking care of your leather furniture, cleaning different types of upholstery, and making sure that your mantle will pass the white glove test.
  • Floors – Although your floors see more traffic than any other part of your home, these important surfaces are all too often neglected. Our maids are experienced in cleaning all different types of floors, from scrubbing grimy tile to vacuuming in even the most hard-to-reach places. We treat your hardwood flooring with care, and we even move as much furniture as possible to make sure that your floors are as clean as they can be.
  • The Nitty Gritty – When we say your home will be clean, we really mean clean. From the smudges your grandkids inevitably leave on your windows to the scale buildup of showers past on your grout, we will get down to the finest details. When our maids get through, you may not even recognize your house!
  • Daily Chores – Maybe you don’t need to do a thorough spring cleaning. Maybe you just need some help catching up on the laundry, organizing your disorderly closets, and getting through the never-ending mound of dishes piled on the counter. That’s OK – our friendly maids will be there to help with whatever needs doing with a smile on their faces.

At Sparkling Homes, we understand that the quality of the air you breathe is as important as the cleanliness of your home. That’s why we only use environmentally friendly products – unless, of course, there is a specific product that you prefer. And we always bring plenty of elbow grease along too, just in case.

Whenever you need a friendly ear and a helping hand, Sparkling Homes is just a phone call away. We know that communication is essential, and will do everything in our power to meet your highest expectations. Whether you simply need a weekly touch-up or you want your sparkling home to be the talk of this year’s Christmas party, you can depend on us to make sure that your every need is met.

Give us a call today to get started on the path to a cleaner home, and a lifelong friendship as well! Next time you are in need of house cleaning services in Seattle, Washington, we would be honored if you would consider Sparkling Homes!

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